Well Pub Crawl Budapest is the act of walking around the party district of Budapest, and checking out the nightlife. By nightlife I mean nice and cosy bars and pubs, and at the end a club to dance and have some real fun out there. AllNightCrash anyways have been around the corner for a decade, so they know what they talk about. What is fascinating is there way of renewing all the time. They are not the kind of guys who do the same things every year. They know how to renew, how to include new goodies in their tour, how to find the best guides in the city, and how to make the best pub crawl out there. Really I’m not joking when I say this. It’s simply a true fact, that does not even needs too much double check 🙂

And yes they are featured on Tripadvisor which is a very interesting and valuable feature, with more than 250 reviews, and also on Facebook. Yes these are the main pages where you can find out more information about ruin pub crawls in Budapest, although other mediums also feature these excellent party nights that these guys are organizing day after day. It’s really something extremely valuable and feature rich. All those drinks and pub crawl games are just amazing. And I did not mention the girls. Most of the guides are girls, which is also a big deal, but they have some male guides, very relaxed and professional. Really something that has big value in these days.

Check it out here for more details.