CATCH! - partnerkereső szeminárium
2010. 06. 01.
CATCH! Partnership building activity for youth exchanges with young people from disadvantaged (sub)urban areas

Training details

Summary An opportunity to meet new international projectpartners who work with young people from disadvantaged (sub)urban areas and to set up international youth exchanges within the framework of YIA.
Activity date 2010-09-20 - 2010-09-24
Activity type Contact making seminar
Target group Youth leaders, Youth workers
Group size 32
Venue place, venue country De Glind, The Netherlands, Netherlands

Details By the end of CATCH! participants have:

• met 32 possible new international projectpartners
• explored the possibilities of setting up new youth exchanges with the other participants working with young people from disadvantaged (sub-)urban areas
• exchanged information and experiences about their organisations, targetgroups and projects
• had the opportunity to work on projects with their new projectpartners
• received input on the different aspects of a youth exchange project (f.i. programmebuilding, intercultural learning, participation, follow up)
• experienced the importance of good partnership
• gained insight on how to include non formal learning and Youthpass in your project
• a clear view of the possibilities and priorities of Youth in Action.

• Participants working with young people from disadvantaged (sub)urban areas
• Participants working directly with young people
• Participants who are looking for an international partner(s) to organise a youth exchange within the framework of Youth in Action.
• Participants are at least 18 years of age and are able to communicate in English.
• Participants knowing what their objectives are and knowing what their young people want to reach with a youth exchange.

CATCH! is also open for participants from Swiss, Croatia and Macedonia.
Costs Board, lodging and programme costs will be provided and paid for by the Dutch National Agency of Youth in Action. The travel costs will be paid by the National Agency of Youth in Action in your country (in case they will support your participation). In some cases National Agencies ask for a participant contribution. Check your National Agency.

Working language English
Organizer NA Netherlands
Deadline 2010-08-16
Date of selection 2010-08-25


How to apply
Description of application procedure for Hungarian applicants (please read it before applying):


Note: Hungarian applicants are expected to apply  on a Hungarian and on an English application form, too. Send both forms to:   kepzes@mobilitas.hu

Hungarian application form:


English application form:



Program outline:


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