Dental pain, swelling, bleeding gum. Maybe a wisdom tooth extraction or root canal treatment is needed. All of these are serious problems, and need a quick appointment at a dental clinic.

Emergency dentist is the first solution that should come to ones mind. Why? Because the average dental clinic in London is so full, that you need days if not weeks to schedule your appointment ahead, while your tooth is hurting now, not in three weeks. This is the ground, where emergency dentists can offer something more. There are the ones that have emergency spots throughout the week, and there are the ones that operate strictly in an urgent basis, accepting patients walking in from the street, otherwise offering immediate appointments.

Well, this of course requires a bit more money, usually an extra fee of 40-80 pounds. The best clinics even operate during night time, or at least until very late night. Usually there are the ones closing late evening, then the ones open until the middle of the night, they close around 2 AM, and then those who are open day and night. Well these are the rare ones, and actually who know if although advertised, they are really open during the whole night.

It is simply too expensive to have customer service, a nurse, a dental professional (maybe a surgeon) to be available day and night. How much would a treatment cost? I think it’s a question of rational. If we make a calculation, maybe the return of investment would be negative. Then who would do it? Well, there are dental clinics that unite, and are open 7 days a week, 24-hour a day together, but there is always one of them really open. This way they can advertise themselves as the ones always open, without the big risk of paying too much to the personnel. This is just an idea, actually 🙂

There is also the question of communication methods. Shall we really have someone picking up the phone all night, or maybe it’s enough to just answer a chat message? Emergency Dentist In London is actually experimenting with the chat only solution. As time goes on, people have a tendency to accept these communication methods, and start to use it more and more often, so it clearly becomes a must on the long run. There are very nice free solutions, so methods like Zopim are simply useless.

I did not mention all the equipment necessary to operate a dental clinic, but it’s really primordial. We need a panoramic x-ray, also known as OPG, and also an intra-oral one. The OPG is really something important, in case the doctor needs to get an idea of the structure of our teeth, or the position of the future implant. Most of the treatments actually start by an OPG, and then the dental professional gives an advice about the treatment that is needed to be carried out. Not before. So be ready to have some röntgen rays going through your jaws.

Good luck, and I hope it will not be terribly painful, you can find Emergency Dental Clinic and Implant Centre at: 8F Gilbert Place, London WC1A 2JD. Our phone number is 020 3199 6234. If we can’t take the call we will call you back.