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Short Study Visit to Roma youth organizations and organizations working with Roma youth in Slovenia

Study Visit
24-26 April 2013 | Slovenia

Organizer: Zavod Movit (National Agency); co-organizers: British Council (National Agency), SALTO Cultural Diversity RC (SALTO), SALTO South East Europe RC (SALTO)
Recommended for Youth workers
Working language(s): English

The Youth in Action programme is a tool to enhance the social inclusion, active citizenship and employability and to contribute to social cohesion in general. Young Roma people often suffer from discrimination and lack of opportunities in these areas.

The main aim of this short study visit is to allow participants to visit Roma organisations and organisations working with Roma youth in Slovenia, to explore their good practices and approaches and reflect on those in relation to the participants’ home realities.

Content of the Short Study Visit

During the SSV, participants will learn from different organisations working with young Roma people in different parts of Slovenia; they will also be able to explore opportunities and challenges facing these young people in their local, national and international contexts. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own realities, network with potential project partners and focus on the importance of organisations working as mediators, in different contexts, between Roma and non-Roma. Participants will look at Youth in Action related opportunities and focus on what to bring home and ways of multiplying what has been learnt.

Objectives of the short study visit:

- to enable participants to explore Slovenian Roma youth organisations and organisations working with Roma through study visits in the field and by participating in/visiting actual activities
- to get inspired to carry out future youth projects in their organisations
- to share good practice examples of working with Roma youth and on Roma youth projects
- to provide participants with network opportunities to start building possible future partnerships amongst their organisations
- to gain a greater understanding of working in Roma organisations and with Roma youth in different local and national realities
- to reflect on the reality of Roma organisations and working with Roma Youth in Slovenia – including Roma Youth policies at national level
- to discuss the different realities of Roma youth in Roma communities, within Roma organisations and participation in the wider society
- to explore the importance of Roma (youth) organisations as »mediators« between Roma communities and wider society

Am I the right person for this study visit? Participants should…
- be a young youth leader active in a Roma youth organisation or organisation that works with Roma youth
- have had at least 2 years’ experience working with Roma youth (13-30 years old)
- be willing and able to share newly acquired knowledge in their organisations and home realities
- be over 18 and under 35
- be fluent in English (in exceptional cases participants can ask for a translator)

Note: in addition to the criteria, listed in this call, the organizers will also be seeking gender balance.

Accommodation, food and programme costs will be fully covered by the organisers. Travel costs to the activity and back will be covered by the National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme or SALTO Ressource centre, so please contact your respective National Agency for more information on this (see the list here:

Application deadline: 2013-03-15
Date of selection: 2013-03-25

Application to:

How to apply:
Description of application procedure for Hungarian applicants (please read it before applying):


Note: Hungarian applicants are expected to apply on a Hungarian and on an English application form, too.

Hungarian application form:

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Application form in English:

For any questions or more information please contact:

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