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Youth work and unemployment in Jordan

13 May - 18 May 2013 | Jordan

For 40 participants from MEDITERRANEAN PARTNER COUNTRIES and YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES Youth workers, Youth leaders, Project managers, Youth Policy Makers
Working language(s): English

Youth economic engagement as a seed for a sustainable springRelevance:

Why this seminar is important?

• Arab Spring’s spark in Tunisia was by Bo Azizi due to Unemployment
• What’s happening now in many MEDA countries as well as some European neighbours; e.g. Greece, Spain, Portugal…
• Economic growth and jobs represent a central concern for the peoples of the region, which has the highest youth unemployment rate of any region in the world.
• Tackling the issue of ‘unemployment’ was one major track of Salto’s Lyon seminar recommendations 2012.
• During the WEF 2011: HM King Abdullah II emphasized that Political and economic reforms must be in parallel,
• Finally, HM addressed the region's young people as having "The power to transform the future''. He called them "A vital dynamic in this World Economic Forum "
• During the WEF 2011: HM Queen Rania highlighted the importance of Entrepreneurship to overcome unemployment.
• In fact, economic reform is the one of the main pillars for the ongoing socio-political evolution in Jordan
General Aim:
• To support overall economic and political stability in the EuroMed region.
• To reach a deeper understanding for the relationship between unemployment and economic/ political instability.
• To provide participants with tools for more entrepreneurial initiatives.
• To make participants motivated to get engaged as active citizens for better economic reform.
Estimated results:
• Gaining knowledge about the inherent inevitable relationship between unemployment and economic and political instability.
• Acquiring/ developing entrepreneurial skills.
• Creating a more positive attitude towards youth economic involvement.
• Networking
• Partnership building and potential project ideas
• Recommendations about ‘how to entrepreneurship regionally among youth?’

Each NA covers the travel cost of its participants (tickets, visas, vaccination and health insurance if applicable). MEDA costs and all the other costs will be covered by organisers.

Application deadline: 2013-03-04
Date of selection: 2013-03-18

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