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How to make green projects?

Training course

8-13 April 2013
| Lithuania

Organizer: Agency of International Youth Co-operation (Lithuanian National Agency) nterkulturelles Zentrum - Österreichische Agentur "Jugend in Aktion" (National Agency)
Recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders, Project managers
Working language(s): English

The aim
of the training course is to provide an overview of green project management skills for daily life and work, also in the frame of Youth in Action programme.

If you are interested in finding out about green projects or creating a change in your environment and inspiring others to take action too, or would just like to share your experience about green project development we invite YOU to this training course.

We will create a space for 25 youth leaders and youth workers with different backgrounds, ages and experiences to learn, share, develop projects and network. During the training course there is time to learn practical ways of using project management tools and methods. There is also time to develop project ideas and let them grow with the help of the group, sharing similar ideas or plans. Furthermore there is the possibility to get feedback about your ideas and to find out how to fund your project and find partners within Youth in Action programme.

Beside the theoretical input there is enough space for practical workshops and informal exchange. We aim to have a toolkit by the end of the training course – created from green ideas, information, communication, methods, skills, etc., shared during our time together.

The aim of the training course is to provide an overview of green project management skills for daily life and work. During the course we expect participants:

• To reflect on personal green values, attitudes and experience in relation to daily work and life;
• To share approaches about being green in participants community and country;
• To gain the competences and confidence to start green projects and to bring ideas into action;
• To exchange with other participants how to raise awareness of their relationship with the environment among people in their home countries;
• To find strategies on how to be green in daily life & work;
• To use knowledge of “Youth in Action” to fund projects.

Target Group
Persons, who
• are over 18 years old,
• are motivated to be more green in their life and to bring green ideas into action,
• like to make their green visions true,
• would like to share experiences on the topic,
• come from non-profit organizations or initiative group,
• are able to communicate in English.
We invite Participants from Programme countries only.


Clemens Österreicher,*1982, Magister rerum socialium oeconomicarumque, is as a free-lance trainer and facilitator of learning, supporting personal, group and team development, supervisor, coach and business educator. He works with schools, NGOs, networks, mostly in non-formal education. His partners are the Austrian Youth Enviromental Platform (JUMP), Citybound Vienna, Iacone Training, the Austrian Children's Cancer Aid Society and others, he works with young adults to help them with orientation in the field of green-jobs and green-projects.

Akvile Budreckyte from Lithuania has worked as a trainer since 2006 including with the Lithuanian national agency since 2008. She has experience both as a trainer and as a project manager developing different projects and organizing different national and international seminars, trainings and workshops for young people, NGO and governmental institutions. Akvile was an EVS volunteer in an eco project in Germany (2002-2003) and this helped change her attitude and way of thinking towards green sustainable living.

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- Hosting (accomodation and food) and programme costs are covered by Lithuanian National Agency
- Travel costs of the pax from Programme countries can be covered by the sending National Agency (before applying, please check near your NA if they accept to cover these costs)

Application deadline:
Date of selection: 2013-03-04

Application to:

How to apply:
Description of application procedure for Hungarian applicants (please read it before applying):

Általános információk 2013.pdf

Note: Hungarian applicants are expected to apply on a Hungarian and on an English application form, too.

Hungarian application form:

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Application form in English:

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