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Mobilitás Országos Ifjúsági Igazgatóság
Dél-alföldi Regionális Ifjúsági Szolgáltató Iroda

6720 Szeged, Dózsa György u. 2.

Tel.: 62/540-788
Fax: 62/540-789

E-mail: dariszi@mobilitas.hu
Honlap: www.mobilitas.hu
Information in English

Mobilitas National Youth Service is the innovation and competence centre of Hungarian youth work and services, which - by operating the national and international systems of tools and developing youth and youth support communities, organisations, youth experts and their competences, as well as by developing of and gaining recognition to youth work - makes a great contribution to the development and strengthening of the social responsibility and social participation of young people.

It supports the cooperation between the municipal, NGO and the economic sector in relation to youth issues (more specifically to youth and youth work) in the interest of promoting the quality of democracy, social cohesion and competitive, sustainable, knowledge-based society.

Mobilitas is a decentralised organisation operating with 9 locations. Its regional tasks are carried out by the network of Regional Youth Service Offices (1 office/region, 7 offices altogether) that puts the strategic aims of the organisation into practice using the principle of subsidiarity.

The organisation was set up in 1995. Its supervisor is the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

The National Employment Office Mobilitás National Youth Service Southern Great Plain Regional Youth Service works in the region as an information providing, human resource developing, training and innovation centre of youth organizations, NGOs, communities and institutions, dealing with the youngsters. 1st of March is the 11th anniversary of our office.
Beside the methodological support of experts and organizations of the youth field another important segment of our work is helping and strengthening the local and municipal youth work: e.g. counselling service, creation of networks, organizing trainings and study visits. In addition, we take part in regional planning processes, we start youth research projects, we publish studies, professional publications in order to contribute to the development of the youth field as well as to the extensive introduction of good practices (i.e. our 3 publications entitled „Glass-house" or the movie entitled Club hunters - What is a good community place look like?); we edit youth review for local municipalities and we work together with various sectors of professional networks in the region (Southern Great Plain Network Development Forum), furthermore, we organize workshops, forums. During a longer developing process we strengthened the youth communities and local initiatives in more settlements of the Southern Great Plain region.
As a specialty, the three borders of Romania, Serbia and Hungary meet in our region, so we put especial emphasis to the cooperation of the youth field in the Duna-Körös-Maros-Tisza Euroregion. In addition, we consider very important the youth work carried out while visiting various youth festivals.
We have a biweekly electronic newsletter called „Friday", completed with an English summary. In order to reach our target groups, we actively use the social network sites.


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